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3rd BRAINN Congress



The 3rd BRAINN Congress will be held in Campinas, SP, Brazil, from April 11th to 13th, 2016, with pre-congress courses on April 8th to 10th 2016.


The BRAINN congress is a meeting which aims to gather researchers and students (both at graduate and undergraduate levels) working in neuroscience, neurotechnology, and related fields. The main goal is to foster stronger communication and collaborations, in order to reach high quality research standards.


The Congress is an initiative of project BRAINN (Brazilian Institute of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology), which is a Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center (RIDC) of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). BRAINN congregates researchers from many areas (neurology, physics, electrical engineering, psychology, among others), coming mainly from University of Campinas – UNICAMP and from Center of Information Technology Renato Archer, which is a federal center of research and development; but also from other Brazilian institutions, such as Federal University of ABC, Federal University of São Paulo, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, among others; as well as some foreign institutions, such as University of Montreal and University College London, among others.


As the name implies, project BRAINN focuses on basic science research on neuroscience, coupled with the development of technologies that can assist in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of neurological diseases, mainly but not restricted to, epilepsy and stroke.


The 3rd BRAINN Congress is open to attendants from any research groups that have an interest in exchanging information and experiences with BRAINN participants.






Organizing Committee

Fernando Cendes – Medical Sciences School, UNICAMP
Gabriela Castellano – Institute of Physics Gleb Wataghin, UNICAMP
Roberto Covolan – Institute of Physics Gleb Wataghin, UNICAMP

Executive secretaries

Andréa Ismara de Araújo Ruas
Sônia Neves Romeu Silva

Scientific Committee


Ana Carolina Coan
André Schwambach Vieira
Anelyssa Cysne Frota D'Abreu
Cláudia Vianna Maurer Morelli
Diogo Coutinho Soriano
Eric Rohmer
Gabriela Castellano
Letícia Rittner
Li Li Min
Marcio Luiz Figueredo Balthazar

Marina Weiler
Raphael Fernandes Casseb
Roberto José Maria Covolan
Sarah Negreiros de Carvalho



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